As it’s #FashionRevolution week we wanted to introduce some of the members of staff in our mill in the Scottish Borders. We have worked with the same mill for 8 years and although it is a small operation they work to the same high standards as all of the much bigger mills in Hawick. We love the team there and so are delighted to introduce you to some of them today in this blog post.

This is Susan, she is part of the team at our mill in the Scottish Borders and chances are if you own one of our turbans, beanies or ear-warmers Susan made it! She has worked at the mill for 20+ years and is a highly skilled hand-sewer, linker and hand-finisher. Everyone at the mill, including Susan, has such an eye for detail and they always finish the products to an impeccable standard.

This is Christine, and she has worked at the mill for about 18 years. Christine is also and highly skilled hand-finisher, linker and if you own one of our scarves she probably linked it and sewed any ends in, as well as the woven labels.

Last but not least another important person at the mill is our technician Dave, who only just about agreed to have his photo taken! Dave has worked at the mill for about 18 years too and basically turns all my ideas into real life designs. He is a trained Shima designer and can bring the most intricate pattern or wacky idea to life.

All photos Paula Russell Creative.