I’m so excited to introduce our new collection to you this week so wanted to give you a run down of the inspiration behind it, and all the new pieces and colours.

Tell us about the new AW19 collection?

For this collection I was really inspired by our customers. Since I started our business 8 years ago my customers have always been a source of inspiration and I love hearing from them and understanding what they are looking for from our collection. This season we have really focussed on having all the classic colours (Black, Grey, Ivory, Mushroom) and then to sit along side these more classic colours we’ve chosen some really lively solid brights (Coral, Marmalade, Flaxen, & Rhubarb). We believe an accessory such as a scarf or hat can really pull an outfit together, so whether you want something neutral to pair with a clean Winter look or a pop of colour to brighten up a Winter day we’ve got you covered!

What is your favourite colour from the new collection?

It is no secret that Pink is one of my favourite colours, you only need look at my branding and logo to see that. Coral, and Powder Puff are two of my favourite pinks from the new collection. Powder puff is just a bit duller and softer and Coral is a little brighter so between the two I am sure you can find one to flatter your skin tone. I also am obsessed with our new shade called Marmalade which as the name suggests is bright orange. It’s just so strong, and bold and the ribbed shawl scarf looks especially wonderful knitted in this fabulous hue. I know orange isn’t for everyone but do go and have a look as I think you might be surprised how appealing this particular shade is.

How do I style the ear-warmer?

The ear-warmer is one of our most versatile and wearable pieces. It slides on and off your head with ease and very minimal fuss and styling. It’s knitted in a ribbed stitch to allow lots of stretch and ‘give’ meaning you can pull it on and off over your head very easily for a snug fit.

Which should I buy turban or ear-warmer?

Firstly it really depends on your personal style. The ear-warmer requires a fraction less styling but equally it doesn’t cover the top of your head so if you’re after a hat then the turban is going to fit the bill. Both are super snug, knitted in the same stitch and come in a variety of colours and as mentioned above the ear-warmer is very easy to slip on and off. They both can be rolled up into a ball and fit in your bag easily so you can always have it with you while you’re on the go.

Have fun browsing the new collection and please do let me know if you have any questions about the products, colours and fit. Here to help! info@rosiesugden.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

Rosie x