We are so excited to share this film with you today!

We have been so busy with production that we have barely been able to keep social media updated but we wanted to give you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes and how our products are made.

Our cashmere bed-socks are one of our best-sellers and they make the perfect present for a loved one or just to treat yourself! The machines we use are about 60 years old and Peter, who makes us for them in Hawick, knows these machines inside out. The socks are knitted on the machine and hand cut, then the toe ,which is open, is hand-linked to close it. They are then washed, pressed, quality checked and finished! Ready to shipped to our customers such as Fortnum & Mason or to our own warehouse as stock for our website.

We shot this video with the extremely talented Ryan Daglish of Northport Studio. We loved working with him and also the beautiful Erin from Colours , as well as of course darling Daphne who loved being a model for the day!

We hope you enjoy the film and any questions please ask! info@rosiesugden.com

p.s If you would like to know more about the industry here is a little interview with my Dad from a few years ago.