Daphne is 1 today! My office buddy, and furry little best-friend is all grown up! So I thought what a great excuse to share some photos of her from the last year. Here she is in the studio with me and further down you can see some photos from a shoot we did last year at Archerfield. She was so tiny then! She’s such a happy little dog and always brightens my day. She is like my little shadow following me around. I’m so lucky I can have her at work and if ever things are stressful or tense I just give her a cuddle and everything is instantly ok!

Below: Some gorgeous pictures taken by Ciara Menzies at Archerfield in East Lothian.

Below: I couldn’t resist this hat I saw on eBay, Daphne didn’t love it but as a special treat she had some of the inside of the pork pie!!

Happy Birthday Daphne!