Once the yarn arrives from Mongolia and colours have been chosen it’s onto the dye house! The smell of the dye-house is so nostalgic for me as when I was little my Dad used to take me round the mill after school and I always loved seeing all the processes, especially the dye house as it was so colourful!

The cashmere fibre is dyed in these huge machines, you can see half way down the fibre being dyed navy blue and also the inside of an empty machine which has been stained red from a recent batch.

It might not be the most glamorous looking process but this is where the raw cashmere fibre really starts to resemble the finished product as you get a glimpse of the colour!

Once the fabric has been dyed it goes through one of these huge Stalam textile dryers to get rid of all the excess water. The fibre is then ready for the next process – carding!

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All imagery – Ciara Menzies