For the second instalment of this series I wanted to take you behind the scenes in the “Recipe Room”. Every year my yarn supplier send me a new “shade-card”. This is their equivalent of a look book and details all their colours available for purchase that year. It’s extensive and means I have a wide selection of colours to choose from for each new collection. Some colours such as Black, White and Navy are the same every year but each season in order to move with the trends between 50-70 new colours are added. These colours are designed and tested in the Recipe Room!

Here you can see some raw cashmere ready for testing and blending.

Below you can see the Pink archives. This folder, one of many, shows every hue previously used and designed by the team at the mill. It’s a fantastic reference point really makes you understand the infinite amount of different shades possible.

This blue piece of fluff may look like leftover debris however I was shown how it can be used to mix colours and ascertain recipes.The recipes are calculated in percentages. The knitted swatch you see is a shade called Lapis, and I was shown using percentages of white, blue and black how you can match and achieve this shade of Lapis Blue.


Bobbins galore!

Cashmere archive with all the different shades in fibre form before it is spun into yarn.

Love this gorgeous old fashioned weighing scale!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this chapter in the story of how our yarn is made. Feel free to email any questions to and stay tuned for the next instalment!

All imagery – Ciara Menzies