We are edging closer to the launch of our AW17 Collection so before we do so we wanted to introduce you to the face of our AW17 Campaign , the lovely Millie Morgan. Millie brought an infectious effervescent energy to our shoot. She was so interesting to talk to and passionate about so many issues including Global Warming and Women’s rights. There are some serious brains behind this beauty, she arrived at Berwick upon Tweed laden with some heavy course literature which she had been reading on the train from Leeds since 5am, impressed? Us too! We were so thankful that the weather was nice on the day of the shoot, it was chilly but the sun was out and we also smuggled a hot water bottle on Millie’s person so that she had some extra warmth! Hopefully you can’t spot it in the photos! It was an absolute pleasure to work with Millie that day & luckily for us we recently managed to pin her down for a quick interview so you can get to know more about this successful young lady!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I love David Attenborough documentaries, most of all the episode of ‘Africa’ that was about elephants. I have two siblings, an older brother of 21 and a younger sister of 17, who I am very close with.

Where is home?

Home is North Yorkshire, I currently live on the Yorkshire Moors on a self-providing mini farm.

How did you get into modelling?

I was scouted by Models1 at Leeds Festival three years ago, by the lovely Frankie and Netta!

Millie’s Portfolio with Boss Model Management


Describe a typical work week?

In London, lots of castings and yoga during the week, followed by dancing and relaxing on the weekend. In Sydney, though, I spent my afternoons on Bondi Beach if I only had morning castings – that was nice…

What or who inspires you?

All the women, and men, who have marched recently at the Women’s Marches around the world. In America it was reckoned to be the most peaceful and the largest one day protest in US history, that’s amazing.

On set chatting with Millie whilst Caroline does make-up touch ups.

What’s on your iPod at the moment?

I listen to all kinds of different stuff but at the moment I’m liking Sister Nancy, Paulo Nutini and Loyle Carner, but I also love loads of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers albums, I saw them live last summer and their performance was unbelievably good.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Eating peanut butter out of the tub with a spoon, the whole-earth stuff is amazing and a staple at uni.

What are you reading at the moment?

I read English Literature at the University of Leeds, and so I’m reading all kinds of stuff, but I started reading a book on the theory of Ashtanga yoga which is really interesting.

Favourite films?

I really love films of so many different kinds, I can only narrow it down to five: Edward Scissorhands, (Tim Burton); Pulp Fiction, (Quentin Tarrintino); Heathers, (Micheal Lehmann); William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, (Baz Lurhman) and the Grand Budapest Hotel, (Wes Anderson).

Sneak peek of Millie modelling our AW17 Collection

What do you love most about Yorkshire?

I love the friendliness of people and I love how fresh the air is, especially on the Moors. Also, I have lived there my whole life and so it really feels like home.

Favourite place in Yorkshire?

That’s difficult… I really like the town I used to live by, its just full of warm tearooms and lovely shops and there’s a little Italian restaurant which is probably my favourite place in Yorkshire, because they have a special dish for me which is my favourite comfort food.

Top places for brunch, supper or cocktails in Leeds?

I like LS6 in Hyde Park because I can walk there from home and they have loads of yum vegan options. However, for supper, my favourite place is San Carlo’s Flying Pizza which is a high end Italian place on the outskirts of Leeds and they do amazing fish dishes. LS6 and San Carlos Flying Pizza both do great cocktails but are a little out of the centre, in town I’d recommend Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, which is a a lively bar that put on live music events and make a delicious espresso martini!

Thank you Millie, we loved meeting you and you were a pleasure to work with!

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