Whilst many of our products are knitted on high tech Shima machines, we remain committed to finishing everything by hand. All our products are linked and the ends finished by our experienced team in our mill in the Scottish Borders. A lot of these skills have been passed down through generations and truly I am often in awe of how fast the team can do some of these jobs. Linking especially I think is a fine art. I remember doing it at university and it took me such a long time to really get the hang of it, you have to “get your eye in” as it is a process where each stitch needs to be hooked onto a needle so it can be quite fiddly but also it’s about how you hold the fabric taught whilst also spinning the cylinder around. Linking is the process of joining two sides of fabric together using the same yarn it has been knitted in, so for example some of our beanies are linked together.

Below: One the hand-knit frames – this is what I trained on at university as well as also a domestic knitting machine attached to a table top – also pictured below.


Here you can see Susan measuring up and preparing to link:

Below Amy Labels on of our signature turbans:

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse behind the scenes so you can see how or products are made. Thanks for stopping by!

Rosie x

All photography Ciara Menzies