I’ve just returned from 10 days travelling, in London and Paris, selling my AW17 collection. I’ve had such a wonderful time seeing existing stockists and meeting some new ones too. I love travelling but it’s always lovely to come home and especially when it means I won’t have to lug around my ridiculously enormous suitcase!! There’s so much you have to remember for trade shows – look books, display cases, business cards,mannequin heads and hands for the products, stationery, price lists, line sheets the list goes on and basically it leaves very little room for my actual clothes in the suitcase!

I started the trip in London for a few days which was lovely. Caught up with some existing stockists who were in town from the USA and also managed to see lots of my London based friends which was heaven! I also made sure I saw the Hockney Exhibition at the Tate Britain. It was mesmerising!! Definitely go if you are planning on being in London anytime soon.

On Wednesday I caught the Eurostar to Paris and set up my stand at Premiere Classe in Les Jardins Tuileries. This was my first time doing this trade show, last year I did Tranoi, and I have to say the venue was great. I loved being in a tent and being able to see outside. So often with trade shows you are couped up indoors with no air or natural light and it can be very draining. But Premiere Classe have 3 huge long tents and it was great as my stand was right by the door out into the Jardins. I could even see a little carrousel from where I sat. I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces at the show including Karen Mabon, Kirsteen Stewart, William Chambers and Green Thomas.

Once in Paris I threw all caution to the wind and embarked on the French diet of pastries, chocolate, bread and cheese in all it’s various forms. I mean you have to treat yourself if you’re working over the weekend right?! My downfall was the paprika crisps Laura from Karen Mabon introduced me to…they are extremely more-ish and that is putting it lightly.

I loved my corner booth and you can see a little picture here of me looking rather proud of my stand plus I am sure you can spot some exciting new designs for AW17!!

On our last evening, Karen Mabon, her right hand woman Laura, and I managed to make it to the Pompidou in time to see the Cy Twombly exhibition. The exhibition was laid out so well and just so absorbing, plus as it was 8pm it was lovely and quiet. Pics by Karen Mabon.

After Premiere Classe finished at 6pm on Sunday I jumped in a taxi to Gare du Nord where all hell had broken loose as the Eurostars had been delayed by 2 hours. There had been a knock on effect so it was extremely chaotic in the station. Once through security I pleaded with the customer service team to get me on an earlier train as I had to be in London by 11pm to catch the sleeper to Edinburgh. Thankfully they did and they also bumped me up to Business Premier!! Once back in London I had plenty of time to mosey on over to Euston before boarding my sleeper North. It wasn’t as glamorous as I was expecting and I have to say I am relieved to hear they are getting new trains next year as I think the current ones are looking a bit worse for wear. It was still a very novel way to get home and brilliant to be back at my desk in Edinburgh the following morning by 8.30am! Plus the staff were lovely and the breakfast surprisingly good, and I love train travel so it was worth it.

What a week it’s been! Now back to the office to start compiling AW17 wholesale orders and post website orders. Our sale finishes at the end of March so grab a bargain while you still can!