We are loving the classic turban in Badger at the moment! Our best-selling chunky 4ply design is the perfect alternative if you feel a beanie is not your thing! It’s a snug fit but knitted in a ribbed stitch to allow it to stretch and have elasticity. It’s available in 4 colours, and this soft shade of charcoal is the perfect piece to top off any Winter outfit.

Happy shopping and remember we ship for free to the UK!!http://www.rosiesugden.com/products/hats/classic-cashmere-turban-1.html http://www.rosiesugden.com/products/hats/classic-cashmere-turban-1.html

To shop the turban click here.http://www.rosiesugden.com/products/hats/classic-cashmere-turban-1.html http://www.rosiesugden.com/products/hats/classic-cashmere-turban-1.htmlPhotos by Aleksandra Modrzejewska.