What glorious weather we’re having in Scotland so far this week..definitely not #CashmereWeather! I love that we live in a country with proper seasons as it does make you fully appreciate each time of year. I feel Summer is definitely upon us up here in Scotland although I know this is subject to change very soon! Still, it made my journey to the mill today such a pleasure. Blue skies and green hills….and then bright yellow gorse bushes! I am partial to yellow , I know it’s not everyone’s favourite colour but I do love it, so bright and cheery.

I popped into the mill to pick up some exciting new AW16 samples and also check on production..I’m so nosy and it’s hard to stay away from the mill for too long as I love seeing all the new designs coming off the machines or being knitted and then moving through the finishing department.ROSIE SUGDEN SCOTTISH CASHMERE

Sweet little roadside scene spotted on the way down to the mill.ROSIE SUGDEN SCOTTISH CASHMERE

Some of our infinity scarves awaiting finishing.Loving the new colours!!ROSIE SUGDEN SCOTTISH CASHMERE    One of the machines busy knitting away..ROSIE SUGDEN SCOTTISH CASHMERE

New Norwegian style mittens for an exciting collaboration we’ve been working on.ROSIE SUGDEN SCOTTISH CASHMERE

New beanies below.We work from a shade card so usually just see the colours as tiny swatches so it’s always exciting when you see them come to life and knitted up properly.

Journeying back to Edinburgh had to stop to take in this breathtaking scenery. Everything so luscious and green.ROSIE SUGDEN SCOTTISH CASHMERE


More updates from the mill soon!