If ever I am lost for inspiration from all other sources- books, films,nature, and travel then I turn to Pinterest! In some ways I much prefer it to Instagram as I love creating my own mood-board of images that inspire me and the brand. I’m always on the look out for colour inspiration so I thought i’d share a few of my favourite pins with you!

I absolutely love pansies and couldn’t resist this gorgeous image (By Tina Brok Hansen)..look at all the variations of colour and tone. So beautiful.ceb6135d4cb697a555cc765884bc0fefI love this fashion editorial shot in a Netherlands tulip field. Photography by Viviane Sassen, styling by Katie Shillingford.b76790c0aa50e076cb8c0c54b6cd3e2d

Although I feel rather sad looking at these deceased butterflies thinking about the life they once had and how incredible they must have been fluttering around I can’t help but admire the subtle blue colour contrasted against the black tipped wings.

Photo from backstage at Giambattista Valli.


Below: Lighting Layers and Reflections | Photo by Autumn de Wilde.61ba3ba8780b59c1c384453fafc8ccc9Lastly an artist I discovered through Pinterest : Elizabeth Schuppe.


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