I’m often asked what I am inspired by and amongst other things art and artists are always included in my answer. I love colour and I love how it can be used to reflect emotions or a particular mood. At the beginning of each season I am always thrilled to receive the new shade card from my yarn supplier and see which colours on their own or combined are inspiring for the coming season.When I was about 17 my Uncle Richard introduced me to one his favourite artists, Denis Bowen, and ever since  I have been inspired by Bowen’s work.

Cover image: Crystallised Landscape 1958 Denis Bowen

(c) Nicholas Bowen; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Above: Fusion by Denis Bowen.

Orphaned at a young age Bowen moved from South Africa to live with his Aunt in Huddersfield ,and consequently enrolled in Huddersfield Art College. After a stint as an art teacher in various colleges in the UK and Canada he founded the New Vision Group and The New Vision Centre gallery in 1951, both of which played an important role in the post-World War II British art scene.


Above: Denis-Bowen-Atomic Image I 1959.

You’ve probably guessed that I’m a fan of abstract art, but for me Bowen’s work stands out from the rest. I adore his bold , gestural, style and the informality of his works.You can see how he was inspired by nature and ,more latterly in his life, space through the experimental style of his work; and I love the vigour and energy he creates within each piece. I think his work is utterly captivating and I always find it fascinating to think how ahead of his time he was. You can view so many more of his works online but I have picked a few favourite to share with this post, I hope you enjoy them!

You can read more about his life and work here.


Above: Atomic Image Circa 1960

Prisms of Water 1959,1999 by Anthony Benjamin 1931-2002

Above: Prisms of Water From Seven Etchings for Seven Letters / 1959

Denis Bowen 

(April 5, 1921 – 23 March 2006)