We are delighted to announce we have our first stockist in Switzerland! Eclectic lifestyle is owned and run by the effortlessly stylish Bettina Müller. As the first concept store for women in Zurich the shop offers an eclectic (for want of a better word!) selection of ladies-wear, shoes and accessories. The sleek and modern interior of the shop is the perfect back drop for Bettina’s effervescent selection of international designers. We’re thrilled to be stocked alongside brands such as Rag & Bone, Antoni & Alison and Mackintosh. We managed to grab a couple of minutes with Bettina for a quick interview. If you’re in Zurich a visit to Eclectic, followed by Razzia bar, is definitely in order!

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I am a Mother to 2 grown up girls ,I’ve worked in fashion for 30 years, I love to travel, and love funny people, like your brother! 🙂

Bettina-Müller photo by  Karin Heer

Photo by Karin Heer.

Describe a typical work week?

Work, sports ,every day family life, meeting friends..always full full full..never a dull moment!

ECLECTIC LIFESTYLE ZURICHeclectic lifestyle store zurich

You travel a lot for work on buying trips – what is your favourite place you’ve visited? 

NYC is absolutely my favourite place, I just love the vibe there in general!

Who or what inspires you? 

My 2 daughters (22 and 23)  ,every visual input,and nature.

Best piece of life/career advice? 

If you do it, do it right.


French films in general (small productions).

What do you love most about Zurich? 

The lake, I love to swim in summertime every day if I can. Also the market at Bürkliplatz where farmers bring their organic products.iStock-Destination-Zurich

Best brunch or dinner in Zurich? 

For dinner I love restaurant Lumiere, a nice place on the outside and inside, in the old part of Zürich. For brunch I go to  small cafes with organic food.

Best cocktails in Zurich? 

I go to Razzia bar.Razzia

Favourite place in Switzerland? The Engadin in the mountains, a beautiful valley, during Summer and Winter time.

Have you ever visited Scotland and if so where did you go/do you have a favourite place?

Yes, I did…Edinburgh, and I also visited Skibo Castle which I really loved!

Thank you Bettina!

Eclectic Lifestyle,Werdmühlestrasse 7, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland.

+41 43 344 80 42