How very exciting! Our AW15 production is nearly ready. We start shipping next week. SO excited to share the new collection with you all. Here are some pictures I took earlier this week in the mill.

Below : Elizabeth very busy labelling and attaching pom-poms to our leopard beanies.ROSIE SUGDE  POMPOMSROSIE SUGDEN LABELLINGROSIE SUGDEN LABELLINGNext up…It’s got to be the most beautiful machine in the mill¬†– the teazel frame used for brushing and fluffing up garments! Isn’t it amazing!?

rosie sugden brushing machine rosie sugden teazel machine

AW15 Wrist-wamers finished, labelled,swing-tagged and ready to be shipped to one of our new stockists! Everything¬†will be available on our website later on this year…stay tuned!rosie sugden wristwarmers rosie sugden wristwarmers