Photo above by : Ellis O’Connor

Just like Pinterest I find I can easily while away the hours on Instagram , so I thought I would round up some of my favourite accounts and share them with you!

Finn Beales – Photographer

Finn’s extraordinary photos from his travels around the world are astonishing and awe-inspiring in quality. I can completely lose myself trawling through his images and my list of places to visit gets longer and longer!


Martha Ward – Stylist

Stylist ,and Vogue TV presenter, Martha Ward’s account immediately makes me question the lack of broderie anglaise in my wardrobe! I just love her style, and the dream-like quality of her images.


Modern Farmette – Foodie & writer

Imen McDonnell documents her life at a rural farm in Ireland. I only came across this account recently, and immediately hit “follow”. For a start she makes her own goat’s cheese..! I mean..the dream! Her photos have an elegant simplicity to them and there’s also a furry friend thrown in here and there too. I also love the mix of traditional American and irish recipes.


Ellis O’Connor – Photographer & Artist

I came across Ellis’ work through Location Scotland and was completely mesmerised by her instagram account. Her photographs of Scotland are breathtaking. I’ve always thought Scotland is the most beautiful country, I am of course biased, but I think Ellis’ work confirms this! Her recent photos of the Isle of Colonsay have made me extremely excited about my family holiday there this Summer!


Life Between the Ears

I couldn’t round up my favourite instagrammers without having one animal orientated account. It would be embarrassing to share with you how many famous pugs or dachshunds I follow so instead I thought I’d share this account with you – it’s a collection of pictures from riders around the world taken between , you guessed it, their horses two ears. I personally love to ride and what  find fascinating about this account is all the contrasting landscapes and climates that these photos hail from.


Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Rosie x